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Keeping accurate records is not just for the taxman’s benefit. Wouldn’t it be great to have proper and meaningful management accounts each month that you can use to make better business decisions and give you visibility and transparency into what is happening in your business?

We help you to love your numbers and use them to level up, navigate better and build the business you deserve. We offer business accounting that is simple, smart and easy for you to use. This includes the preparation of monthly management accounts, management reviews and interpretation results.


Outsourcing your payroll has some wonderful and sometimes unexpected benefits to your business. You don’t need specialised knowledge that only get used once a month; it saves time and you don’t need to be keeping up to date with laws and regulations.

By getting the people with specialist knowledge to do your payroll, you get professional reports, peace of mind that your compliance is taken care of and you’ve got more time to focus on your core business activities.


We support our clients to trust their numbers. We help a number of clients navigate the annual audit or independent review process with the least amount of disruption and pain.

Auditing is an important high-risk service and needs to be done with the right level of quality, and attention to ensure the best most trusted outcome. Our strict independence and quality standards ensure your numbers cannot be questioned.


We know it can be confusing with all the tech options out there (Xero, Sage, Dext, Vend, Hubdoc, and Dear to name a few) so we help our clients chose or optimise the correct software for their business needs and ensure integration wherever possible. There is so much more you can do with free’d up time which is one of many benefits of going to the cloud.

Using cloud technology for not only accounting software but also other critical business functions takes your business to a new level. The efficiencies, increased accuracy and better performance and accessibility to your data supports you to make even better financial decisions.


Yikes! The word sparks a whole lot of negative feelings right and may keep you up at night? Death and taxes are inevitable BUT don’t have to be scary especially with us guiding the way. Income tax has become increasingly complex and punitive penalties can be hiding around every corner. Let us make sure you don’t fall victim.

We manage your tax processes, remind you of important dates, collect relevant documentation to submit. Keeping you as clear of the headaches of SARS as possible and ensure you are paying the right amount of tax and keeping the rest in your pocket.

Financial management and advisory services

To take you to the next level, we work with entrepreneurs to get a better ROI on their spend, understand their revenue drivers (and monitor them) and manage the all-important cash flow juggle which is often either a catapult or choke-point in a business. We work with reporting specific to your business to highlight numbers relevant to you to make more informative based decisions to take your business forward.

We’ve helped our clients with product costing, variance analysis, working capital (flow of funds) management, proper internal controls and processes so money stops leaking out of the business and better efficiencies are maintained, increased return on investment on staff costs. We’ve assisted with business plans for new ventures and funding as well as restructuring to take hold of new opportunities.

If you’re looking for financial advice & business-related issues, you’ve come to the right place. Recro saved us a lot of money. Keep up the great work.

Damon: Falcon Security

You can count on Recro Business Services to take care of all your compliance needs so that you can sleep at night.

Morgan: Wicks Technology

We have been with Recro for over 8 years and have received continued excellent service. The team are always there to help when needed and will go that extra mile.

Richard Littlefield: Arctic Cool

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