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Grow your accounting practice with minimal risk, using the gold standard in quality excellence, and no people management concerns!

At Recro we know how hard it is to grow a team of excellent professionals to manage your clients with as much care and attention to detail as the founder. Having grown our own business from just 1 to over 400 clients in 15 years, we have experienced all the challenges of scaling a business while maintaining quality. It has not been easy, but we pride ourselves in the culture created and are always working on it. Our team and quality of people is a top priority for us.

“I outsource services for clients, and I have yet to come across any firm who is as efficient as Recro.”

Quality is driven by the founder and embraced by the whole team

That is why everyone at Recro is proficient in English, and all employees have undergone their schooling with English as their first language. We have no problem with comprehension and you will always be understood when you work with us, which means we will always be aligned and deliver to your expectations.

Even more than this, everything you receive from us will have been worked on by a degreed accountant, AND reviewed by a degreed manager.

So…why choose Recro?

Easy, you get a first world service at a third world price

…and how can we do this?

Simple, you benefit from the Rand / Pound exchange rate

…and unlike other third world options, you get:

First language English speaking staff

Living and working in a first world city

We work in a very similar timezone

And the advantages don’t end there

Forget about the war on talent plaguing the market! When you need more quality capacity, you don’t sweat it, you just call us.

Have no drama managing employees. We love our people, but managing people can be a full time job! When you work with Recro, you focus on scaling your business, and leave the people side of this to us.

Have more time to focus on your clients, building real value through advisory and other value added services, all the while knowing you can trust that everything sent to Recro is always being handled.

Save money! South Africa has the best chartered accountants in the world, we know excellence in bookkeeping and accounting, and we also have affordable pricing.

“South African Chartered Accountants lead in Global Trustworthiness”

How it works…

We easily integrate with all companies using Xero, QuickBooks and Sage. We like to keep things simple, and to make sure you always feel informed and part of the process, here are the 4 steps to growing your business with ease…

You Call Us

You contact us to book an appointment, then you complete a questionnaire asking about your systems, clients, and processes. This will help us prepare for our first meeting where we learn about your business and determine how we can best serve you.

We Plan

We formulate a monthly package that perfectly suits your business, your size and your systems. We have a typical 2 – 4 week integration phase, which includes an onboarding session with all key stakeholders. Here we ensure alignment in terms of expectations and deliverables. 

We Do

We get to work! We integrate to your systems and test process and flow with a test cycle. You will have complete peace of mind before we have one active client-account moving through our systems!

You Sleep Easy

We deliver high-quality work, consistently, to you and your business. Once live, you will receive monthly reports for you to be sure that we are doing exactly what you need us to do and you have assurance your clients are taken care of! 

“We are exceptionally pleased with Recro’s human touch, while simultaneously using technology extensively. Life is so much easier now.”

“We’ve used Recro Business Services for a number of clients. They are both efficient and yet still friendly!”

We are a practice of chartered accountants and registered auditors, with 25 years’ practical experience. With us, your work is only handled by qualified professionals. 

We are sticklers for quality! As registered auditors, our processes always include double checking your work, and sometimes we will triple check … we want you to grow, and to do it knowing you are fully supported!

We know your pain… Our practice started from scratch. We have scaled, and felt the pain of poor performing staff, and also staff whose work ethic didn’t match that of the founders. Because of this, we are relentless when it comes to our culture and who we hire. We understand how important your business is, and can’t help but want your success as much as you do.

We want you to know how important you are, not just on paper, and not just at the start of our relationship, but always. That is why you will have a dedicated accounts consultant when working with us, who will provide your up to date, and double checked accounts – always delivered on time!

We are committed to digitisation and staying up to date with the latest developments in accounting and cloud software – if you want to progress, you won’t have to worry about us keeping up!

We really value your time and demand we always keep our word and stick to deadlines. It is why we are a rare breed of accounting firms who use automated project management software for your work with us!

With Recro, you will enjoy:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Quality of communication
  • Effective management of your account,
  • and Timely reminders
  • PS: and we are in your time zone 😉

At Recro, we don’t believe that scaling a business needs to come with suffering, either through hiring and firing the wrong people, or through poor outsourcing experiences. At Recro, we redefine the term outsourcing to include “in this together”, because we can only truly win, when you win.

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