Your Tax Deadlines for October 2019

09 October 2019
Deadlines this month are – 7 October – Monthly PAYE submissions and payments 25 October - VAT manual submissions and payments 30 October - Excise Duty payments 31 October - VAT electronic submissions and payments 31 October - CIT Provisional Tax Payments where applicable 31 October – Tax Season 2019... more

With Compliments

10 September 2019
Hello Spring! We finally say good-bye to a very long, cold and wet winter – and provisional tax season, and welcome warmer and sunnier days! Things however are not looking brighter in our economy and businesses are struggling and closing. We want our clients to know that we partner with... more

Youth Employment Tax Incentive Extended for Ten Years

25 July 2019
There is chronic unemployment in the country and it is especially felt by the youth where up to 50% cannot find a job. The Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) is designed to encourage companies to employ “youths” (between the ages of 18 to 29) for 1 to 2 years. Incentives for... more

How Many Days Did You Work For The Taxman In 2019?

04 July 2019
“Tax Freedom Day is calculated by dividing general government revenue by GDP at  market prices, then multiplying the result by the number of days in a year, and finally adding a day” (Free Market Foundation) In the current year it will take the average South African 137 days to pay... more

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