WILLS – the implications and a solution

18 July 2018
One of the most important documents you will ever sign is your Last Will and Testament. If you don’t write a Will before your death, South African law will determine who gets your assets according to the Law of Intestate Succession and the courts may decide who will raise your...
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04 May 2018
Your annual EMP501 reconciliation for the period 1 March 2017 – 28 February 2018 is due for submission by 31 May 2018, together with all Employees Income Tax Certificates [IRP5/IT3(a)s]. You can submit online via eFiling if you have less than 50 employees, or via e@syFile™ Employer (check that you...
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Do you know the numbers in your Business?

03 April 2018
The numbers in a business are critically important, whether you like it or not! You need to understand and know your numbers if you are to build and run a successful business. The key principle of business is that a business MUST make a profit. This is over and above...
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In a nutshell, make sure all your systems are ready for the change before 1 April!

23 March 2018
We all know that the VAT rate increases from 14% to 15% on 1 April. SARS has warned that any shortfall in your VAT payments “may” attract penalties and interest, and these are likely to be substantial. In any event, having to correct any under-declarations will mean extra administrative time...
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