A Break for Taxpayers on Interest Received From SARS

09 October 2019
Until last year taxpayers had to accrue interest owed to them by SARS. This proved difficult for taxpayers as SARS can take a few years to refund the interest to you. This is exacerbated by the fact that SARS frequently adjusts the interest due to you, which can relate to...
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Your Shareholder Agreement versus Your Memorandum of Incorporation – There Is Only One Winner

02 October 2019
Shareholder agreements usually form the backbone of shareholder relationships as they govern, for example, how shareholders sell their shares, how shareholder disputes are settled and the type of authority required for certain transactions. The Companies Act makes it clear that: If there is any conflict between the MOI (Memorandum of...
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Spying On Employees Is Becoming A Big Industry

25 September 2019
Note: As always, our employment laws being complex and the penalties for getting them wrong severe, take specific professional advice in any doubt! In a recent UK survey 72% of employees felt that their employers were eavesdropping on them. Gathering information on employees is now a multibillion-dollar industry and is...
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Communicate with Candour – the “Oracle of Omaha” Speaks

18 September 2019
“The CEO who misleads others in public may eventually mislead himself in private” (Warren Buffett)       Companies that are sustainable in the long term are honest with themselves and with all the businesses’ stakeholders. The starting point is candour If you are open and honest in your dealings...
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