Directors: Fighting Corruption Via Your Social and Ethics Committee

11 February 2019
“South Africa has lost R700 billion to corruption over the last 20 years” (Institute of Internal Auditors) The Companies Act requires a company to set up a Social and Ethics Committee if it is: A listed company A state-owned entity A company with a public interest score of over 500... more

What is a valuation worth? The art of valuing Assets and Businesses

04 February 2019
Recently the artist Banksy put up for auction a work called “Girl with Balloon”. It was sold for GBP860,000. No sooner had it been sold than it began to shred (Banksy had put a shredder in the frame). Halfway through the shredder got stuck. Paradoxically Girl with Red Balloon is... more

Deemed Accruals Can Seriously Disrupt Your Cash Flow – A Tax Lesson for Property Developers

28 January 2019
A recent Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) judgment has confirmed a view that our courts have held for a long time - namely that when a property developer enters into an agreement with a buyer to transfer the property, even if the developer only actually gets paid in a subsequent... more

Interest rates in 2019 – Which way will they go and why?

21 January 2019
“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it is about the future” (Nils Bohr – Nobel Laureate) Normally the market and economic commentators react favourably to interest rate decisions of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). The Reserve Bank, which houses the MPC, is one of the most admired institutions in the... more

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